Saturday, June 29, 2013

Denisha's Diary Entry

Heyyy everyone !! So its saturday and i really wanted to post something so I decided to do another diary entry. I just finished my finals exams on friday and I kid you not when I say I literally flew out of that exam room. I was so happy to start summer and just relax and also post more. I will be travelling for my vacation as i'm going to visit my aunt in Bermuda and will also be stopping off in new york for two weeks. I'm so excited and I will be posting pictures for you guys.


So I am currently making my summer playlist for 2013. I do this every year as I am a huge music lover and i just love the feeling of downloading new music. My music taste ranges quite largely so there is a lot of different genres in this playlist. Let me know if you would like me to write a post with all the music on there for you guys.

So is anyone else addicted to youtube beauty gurus?? I can't be the only one. I honestly find myself spending hours just watching these videos like its an obsession haha. Some of my favorites are Michelle Phan, Tanya Burr and Evelina Barry. Seriously you guys just try it , there are some amazing things to be learnt.
Michelle Phan
Tanya Burr
Evelina Barry 

Since I have more free time on my hands i'm also gonna be trying to work out  some more and be healthier. My relationship with burgers and fries just has to end *sheds a tear*. LOL but seriously I have no excuse now and so i'm going to try to build up a routine and hopefully its work. Don't worry you guys I will share with you guys some updates.

And since no one like a long blog post I'm gonna end it here. I hope your days is finally with sunshine and laughter and don't forget to send your requests as I will try to do them <3 Denisha are my songs of the moment:

Lana Del Ray- Young and Beautiful ( the song is perfect...the video is perfect...she is perfect)
Marina and The Diamonds- Mrs Y (you know I have to add some Marina in here)
All Star Weekend- Mr Wonderful (this is from the hollister summer playlist 2013 and is definately going in my summer playlist)
Bruno Mars- Treasure (this song just makes me wanna get up and groove...I love it and him ;)  )


  1. Just found your blog and I love your posts! Your trip sounds fun-I've always wanted to visit New York! I'm always looking for great music to listen to, would love to see your playlist!


    The Style Moodboard

  2. i will definitely post it once its finished

  3. I enjoy reading your entries please post more! Can't wait to hear about your trip!!!