Sunday, April 21, 2013

Denisha's Diary Entry : 21-04013

So I'm thinking of doing these random posts where I talk to you guy so you can get to know me better. I don't have a name for them yet so I'm just calling them my diary entries. There is honestly no order for this I'm just writing as it comes to me.

School started back this week and boy it started off with a bang. My first day was a half day but I got homework in all my classes that I actually had ( -_-) . I trying to lessen my case of procrastinator-itis ( It getting better) as I don't want to be up a three still trying to finish my homework .... not this year. Especially since this year I have my finals and I'm still reaching for my goal of an ivy league college ( HARVARD !!! ).

I have actually been going through a gossip girl withdrawal.  I've been watching my favourite scenes on YouTube and juts been crying to myself that I will never see a new episode again. I miss Blair ( I loved that girl cause she reminded me of myself - minus the whole bitchy thing) and my main man chuck (Gosh he was sexy...). I've been on my PLL thing now but they are on break. I think I need a new TV show to obsess over.

I think I might do a song of the moment ( and books too cause i read .......ALOT o__o)
Right now I'm just in love with marina and the diamonds . She is just amazing and her voice is captivating but i love her songs. Some of them have me feeling so confident and like I'm on top of the world ( baddest-bitch type of feeling) and like women have the upper-hand in love. I love that and I'm telling everyone to listen to her and they will fall in love.

 Jonas Brother- Pom Poms ( they're back you guys omg !!!!?)
 Marina and The Diamonds-Radioactive ( my favourite song other than her entire album)
 Train-Mermaid ( I feel like I'm a sexy model on the beach and there is Channing Tatum in a beach shorts lounging by a coconut tree... I'm imaginative)

Well I'm going to go you guys before this gets any longer . Let me know if you guys like this idea. Keep sending your requests and I do check everyone's blogs who comments on my post . Thanks for the nice comments ( You guys are so sweet) and HAVE A GREAT WEEK <3

Here is a cute GIF that I found on Tumblr that had me laughing and hopefully it will brighten up your day :D
I mean look how cute and scared he was ........ahahha awww <3
<3 Denisha

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